Therapeutic Foot Reflexology

Working on the reflex points in the feet is of great therapeutic value. This therapy is called Foot Reflexology.

Many discoveries has been made in various fields by man in Twentieth century and one such discovery of the century is the relationship of the feet with the body. According to this discovery, the whole body is mirrored in the feet, each organ or gland of the body has a reflex point in the feet. Internal disorder of any part of the body expresses itself in the form of pain or discomfort feeling at the reflex  point in the feet when pressure is applied. Working on the reflex points in the feet is of great therapeutic value. This therapy is called Foot Reflexology.

Reflexology is a Holistic treatment. In the day to day life of cut throat competition, stresses are many. We have to face all sorts of pollutions, of air, water, food and sound etc. We also have to face viruses and bacterial infections. It seems difficult at various stages of life to maintain the balance between mind and body, which is defined as health. The whole body including mind is to be taken care of Reflexology does exactly that. The goal is to restore homeostasis.

“Reflexology is a method for stimulating the reflexes in the feet to cause reactions in corresponding parts of the body. The reaction could best be described as relaxation or a return to equilibrium or homeostasis.” With specific hand and finger techniques , reflexology causes responses (relaxation) in corresponding parts of the body.

Relaxation is the first step to normalization, the body’s return to a state of equilibrium or homeostasis, where circulation can flow unimpeded and supply nutrients and oxygen to the body cells. With the restoration of homeostasis, the body’s organs , which are actually aggregations of cells, may then return to a normal state or function as well. One’s state of health depends upon this ability to rebound to homeostasis after a trauma or challenge i.e. injury, disease, stress etc. So we can say that it is the very purpose of reflexology to trigger this return. Since stress and disease are ongoing facts of life for most of us, reflexology, in addition to its therapeutic uses, can serve as a preventive program. It enables each individual, on a daily basis, to help his or her body restore and maintain its natural state of homeostasis.

If the body is subject to regular doses of stress over an extended period of time (as most are ), the effects are cumulative and it becomes more an more difficult to return to homeostasis.

To understand little more on Reflexology front , here are some more points as follows :

1. Reflexology is a natural healing

The tendency of the body is to restore normalcy. The self healing and self repairing mechanism is within the body. Whenever there is any blockage or problem in the working of this mechanism, we make use of the repair kit provided by the nature in the feet .It is the body that cures itself. We with the help of REFLEXOLOGY only help nature to help us.

2. Reflexology causes relaxation

The modern estimation is that 80 to 90 % of diseases are caused by frequent, excessive and prolonged tensions. The answer to this stress and tension is relaxation. Reflexology alleviates the effects of stress by inducing deep relaxation. It helps in improving the blood circulation thereby creating an even flow to the nerves.

3. Reflexology improves blood circulation

By giving pressure treatment on the tender reflexes in the feet, the corresponding body organs/glands get improved blood supply. Improved circulation can prevent the stagnation that leads to disease and also helps in the removal of wastes, accumulation of which hinders health.

4. Reflexology improves nerve supply

Nervous system is the control system of the body. If there is a blockage of nerve impulses to any part of the body it can cause a disorder. FR causes unblocking of nerve impulses.

There are some special features to make it effective and special therapy worth mentioning are :

  • Treatment is safe.
  • Treatment is simple.
  • Treatment is free from side effects.
  • Treatment gives lasting cure.
  • Diagnostic value
  • Treatment has compatibility with other forms of treatments.
  • Treatment is economical.
  • Treatment can be helpful as preventive treatment.
  • Treatment is beneficial for all ages.
  • Treatment can be a first aid in emergencies.

Some general benefits are that reflexology:

  • reduces stress and tension
  • improves circulation
  • balances the nervous system
  • boosts lymphatic function thereby reducing oedema, reducing toxicity and improving immunity
  • stimulates sluggish, congested systems
  • reduces pain
  • enhances the body’s natural healing process, improves sleep, increases energy and vitality
  • promotes body awareness

Relaxation is the first step to better health. Reflexology , due to its profoundly relaxing nature, can bring relief directly to the area of the body where tension is held thereby easing and relieving symptoms. Regular sessions work gently to bring the entire body back to a state of wellness.