What our clients says about us

What an unexpected surprise! I assumed it was going to be a session of a regular massage; it turned out to be a performance of perfection. This is the hands of a mother, not of a man or of a woman. This pair of hands transported me back to childhood with such tenderness. I truly wish that everyone, in every night, can enter into sleep by the tender caress of jaspal’s hands; better yet, even at the moment of death, for what eternal peace his hands can bring.

Kelly Linlee

I have been dealing with neck ache problems for many years when I had my first session with Jaspal. He is not only treating your physical issues but he also reads your body with his unique ability , understands your problems and with his special holistic therapy, he cures the deepest wounds on your soul. I full heartedly suggest to anyone to try Jaspal’s therapy. You will be thankful. He is the best.

I had seen his name in an article in a newspaper by chance.  What a big chance!  The article was so interesting and I wondered him very much.  I was suffering from the aches just under my brain, neck and shoulders and had great stress.  The first day I met him, I was feeling horrible and never expected to become a healthy person.  It is not easy to tell what he did to me.  His hands took all my pain out miraculously.  It is still unbelievable for me.

“I usually don’t look at the mirror but this morning I recognized the wrinkles on my forehead are almost gone.  And I don’t feel that warm air on my face because of menopause.  Jaspal, what have you done to me?  You little, marvellous, miracle MAN!  How great you are! I really don’t know how to thank you.  My words are not enough to tell my feelings. 

He told many things about me which were all true and taught me how to tackle with them.  I don’t remember telling him about my menopausal problems but I recognized that they too have all gone.  Thanks to God and more thanks to Jaspal that I have no headaches.  No aches on my shoulders and knees. I really don’t know how to thank him for the things he has done for me in only two sessions, which I had at Anantara Spa.. What a marvelous, what a miracle man!

Thank you ever so much for everything you have done for me Jaspal !

Suna Doker
Istanbul, Turkey