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Jaspal Singh

I’m an Independent Health, Wellness and Holistic Healer, based in Istanbul Turkiye offering my very special healing modalities for you.

  • For Physical problems :Therapeutic Foot Reflexology,
  • For Emotional & Psychological problems I do Energy Balancing Therapy.
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MERKEZI ) based in Istanbul, TURKEY.

An old saying “A sound mind lives in a sound body” simply highlights the importance of being healthy. In our stressful day-to-day lives, we have no dedicated time to pamper our bodies, to relax our minds.

How Can I Help?

I provide a personalised service through using my years of experience, learning and practice, I work holistically with you, listening carefully to your energy, body and language.

After a brief discussion about your health history or any health issues, through your selected treatment, we will work together to enable you to experience deep relaxation, allowing the body to repair through a deeper connection with your body, mind and soul.

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What does Reflexology do?

These techniques are designed to dissipate blockages within the body’s organs and systems. When we detect blockages we use specific pressure techniques on the troubled area, by doing this we are breaking down crystalline structures and are encouraging self-healing and homeostasis. During the treatment we are also focusing on the lymphatic, cardiovascular and immune systems, encouraging the release of built-up toxins to naturally cleanse and detox the body.

Benefits of Reflexology
  • Boosts immune system
  • Reduces stiffness, pains & aches
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Improves heart rate.
  • Control Blood Pressure
  • Releases Toxins
  • Reduces Stress and anxiety
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Healing Story

“Jaspal helped me overcome my illness and maintain a happy and healthy life!”

What an unexpected surprise! I assumed it was going to be a session of a regular massage; it turned out to be a performance of perfection. This is the hands of a mother, not of a man or of a woman. This pair of hands transported me back to childhood with such tenderness. I truly wish that everyone, in every night, can enter into sleep by the tender caress of jaspal’s hands; better yet, even at the moment of death, for what eternal peace his hands can bring.

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