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An old saying "A sound mind lives in a sound body" simply highlights the importance of being healthy. In our stressful day-to-day lives, we have no dedicated time to pamper our bodies, to relax our minds. I believe that you cannot perform your best in any field of life unless you are in a healthy state of mind and body. After an experience of more than a decade, I have devised my own techniques by combining various therapies for only one reason that is the holistic wellness.
This website is a presentation of my skills as a "Holistic Healer". It is dedicated to provide you the information on overall wellness and will give you an insight of various holistic & therapeutic therapies such as Therapeutic Foot Reflexology, Rejuvenating Indian Head and Neck Therapy, Soft & Gentle Energy Balancing Therapy, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Foot Massages, to name a few.

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  What an unexpected surprise! I assumed it was going to be a session of a regular therapy; it turned out to be a performance of perfection. This is the hands of a mother, not of a man or of a woman. This pair of hands transported me back to childhood with such tenderness.

I truly wish that everyone, in every night, can enter into sleep by the tender caress of jaspal's hands; better yet, even at the moment of death, for what eternal peace his hands can bring.

Kelly Linlee , Taiwan

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"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, Art cannot become menifest, Strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless and Reason is Powerless " - Herophilies , 300 B.C."
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