Soft & Gentle Energy Balancing Therapy

It’s a full body massage oriented therapy, a combination of 7-8 therapies into one. It starts with deep tissue to open up stressed knots in the body, helps in releasing bad energy, stiffness, blockages and after opening the channels, it improves the nerve supply with the help of Reiki and Bio-energy by balancing as well energizing your whole body.

Every part of the body has its own memory storage and our emotional & psychological problems are the actual hidden reasons for most of our physical problems/diseases. We can deal with these problems or the impact of these problems on our system holistically by establishing the connection with these cellular memory storage inside the body through the healing touch. With the nice blend of warmness of Reiki and selective therapeutic modalities, this Signature therapy relaxes, rejuvenates and eventually heals the mind, body & soul in the real sense.

It’s with very slow and rhythmic movements, which helps to reduce emotional and physical stress. It improves the blood circulation, relaxes the sore muscles and stimulates the skin and nervous system while at the same time relaxes the nerves also.

It concludes with the Psycho-analysis discussion about the problems or their impact on the system along with it’s remedies.