Eating Habits For a Healthy Life Style


We live not upon what we eat, but upon what we digest. – Abernathy
Watch your food…. how you feel, how you eat, when you eat, how much you eat :o)

Always eat slowly and chew well your food. By doing that you are going to have better taste, better digestion, better appetite, easy and quick feeling of full and satisfaction. More important, you need less food to satisfy your hunger. But if you can’t spend enough time due to any reasons, make sure to eat slow and take your time in having our dinner. It will bring more calmness and peace into your life :o)

Don’t injure/ruin your system by over-feeding it. Over-eating on a regular basis will kill you long before your time.

Little raw food (except some vegetables & fruit ), half cooked or raw non-vegetarian food, bar-be-que half done, sushi from non-vegetarian foods, and all class of beans, half cooked rice etc. take more time to digest, so remember to chew well these foods.

Avoid fried or deep fried, very spicy or hot, very sour, very sweet, very salty food as much as you can on a regular basis. If you can’t avoid due to any reasons, drink more water and breath more during that day.
Avoid stale food or left over food as much as you can. If you can’t avoid due to any reasons, drink more water and breath more during that day.

Freshly cooked food is always healthier and digested easily and quickly.
Avoid anything very cold with very hot food. Keep a little gap or the temperature should be close to each other.

Having anything salty with pure form of milk is dangerous and toxic.
Always keeps on changing your cooking oil. Sticking to one of the best in the world and very expensive & pure cooking oil is the most dangerous, and unhealthy.

Your body shouldn’t immune to only one oil always, otherwise you will be prone to have digestive problems always adapting and adjusting to the food cooked in different oils than yours, especially travelling, partying or eating out. Your body will not be ready to accept the food cooked in different oil other than your brand.

Instead my friendly advice is to give yourself always healthy and pleasant surprises by eating different food staying within your limits.
Drink water after at least 30-45 minutes or more of having your meals.


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