Best Way to Drink Water


Pure water is the essential fluid of life, the solvent of our ills and the deliverer of a radiant long life.

Very obvious question comes to everybody’s mind “ How much water one should drink on daily basis ?” Answer is : You should drink water according to your needs. It depends on your stress level and weather conditions.

The amount of water your body requires in a day is 3 times of the amount of urine you are passing in a day.

You should drink more water in the first half of the day and reduce the water intake in the second half of the day, as comfortably as you can.
You should always drink water ‘before’ your tea, coffee, wine, spirits, alchoholic drinks and anything stronger or pungent.

Avoid as much water or any other form of liquid during the meals as you can, except in case of emergency. You can drink water during the meals but it should not be a habit.

Among all other available forms of liquids, water is the only liquid which can be used by our body as it is, quickly and digested immediately.

It helps in diluting the blood, which further helps in better circulation and digestion.

Avoid drinking water immediately before going to bed.


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