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I have had Foot Reflexology many times in many places, but I have never experienced a deeper or more effective treatment than Jaspal Singh's.

His is a holistic approach. After a minute or two of painful pressure while he established my internal weaknesses; chronic insomnia for many , many years, great stress and shallow breathing, he gave me easy to follow breathing exercises and a new way of looking at stress and Life.

Miraculously, after the first session, I slept for the first time, without sleeping pills intermittently, but even while awake, deeply calm and relaxed. Since then, sleep has no longer been a battle to achieve but a peaceful slide into a calm, quite state.

I have learnt so much from Jaspal, even after 5 sessions, which I managed to have at Ananda in the Himalays, I noticed, I have more energy, am more aware and have a real state of well-being, I have never had before.
Thank you Jaspal !

Marie Alexander
London, England

Tuba Guven

" I had my first period at the age of 12. Unlike my friends, I couldn't have it regularly; once in 3 months, sometimes even once in 4 months.When I had it , it was very weak and lasted for an unusually short time. In the following years, I decided to go to a gynecologist and then, I learned that I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome which said to be seen in 1 of the 3rd Mediterranian women. I started to use birth control pills prescribed by the doctor in order to regulate my periods.Whenever I asked a doctor about this syndrome, the answer was all the same: "You should support your ovulation with birth control pills which has hormones  because your body cannot make it by itself." After ten years of medicine use, I quit taking them last year(August 2007).2 months after quitting them, I could barely have my period on October, then it stopped completely.

I met Jaspal when he came to my working place The LifeCo, İstanbul.One day while Jaspal and I were talking, I told him about my problem. He offered me to give "Soft & Gentle Energy Massage" and "Clinical Reflexology". After the Reflexology session, he taught me how to breathe and which points to apply pressure on my own. He said that I would see symptoms of menstruation in couple of days, and unbelievably, I saw all the symptoms one by one! First, my breast felt itchy, hurt and got swollen.I thought like "God, I miss this feeling, how weird!" The next day, my ankles and knees were aching just like the old days : ) But I still couldn't believe it might happen, it was kind of a miracle for me. 5 days after Reflexology, I got my periods! I couldn't believe what I saw, I ran through where Jaspal was working and gave him a big hug!

Thanks to Jaspal and his professional approach, my vision towards alternative healing methods has totally changed. Now I know that, human body has its own remedy, but sometimes it just needs a little help from friends : ) "

Tuba Guven

Istanbul, Turkey

The Reflexology treatment I received from Jaspal Singh was by far the most therapeutic and comfortable I have ever had. Though I had it many times in many places. Most of the times I never felt more than a little relaxation but his techniques and approach was very different and intense, which leave you feeling energized and rejuvenating in the real sense.
Thank you so much Jaspal, I have learnt so much from you.


I had been under Reflexology treatment by Mr. Jaspal for a period of 3 months. I certainly feel that there has been an improvement in my general health and circulation. Mr. Singh is a very dedicated and conscientious person and has good knowledge of this subject of expertise. Apart from the regular treatment, I was extremely happy with the tips he gave me to continuously improve my health. I wish him all the best and recommend him to all others who need his services.

Rama Sahai,
Gurgaon, India

My treatment session was better than I had hoped. You were very thorough and specific and I appreciated how you gave the minute details which makes lot of sense and then concentrated on my needs during the session. I felt that the approach you had made it both more beneficial and enjoyable. You really go the extra mile to ensure comfort and benefit. I like your serious approach towards everything. Not only my pain level has decreased dramatically since your treatment but I'm sleeping nicely and much longer.

Debbie Smith,

"Jaspal Singh's holistic approach is truly phenomenal. With his special insights he was able to address our individual needs in a very focused and effective manner.

As a result, his treatments which we had at Ananda Spa in himalayas gave us not only immediate relief from our daily stress symptoms but provided us also with long-term improvements of our overall health and sense of well-being. We can only recommend his services and are looking forward to our next session of
treatments with Mr. Singh."

Bernd Sacher & Seraina Müller,

I was suffering from frozen shoulder, stiffened neck, and lower back pain since 4 years. I couldn't sleep well. Being a computer professional, it was affecting my career as I couldn't work for long hours. I had been using allopathic medicines for these 4 years, but nothing improved. Thanks to a friend of mine who introduced me to Mr. Jaspal Singh. Although I was quite skeptical about this earlier, but I wanted to give it a try. To my surprise, I started noticing improvement in my problems just after the second session of reflexology. He treated me for one and a half month and now I am perfectly okay as if nothing had happened to my shoulder or neck.

Thank you Jaspal!

Mrs. Megha Kapur
New Delhi, India

"I was expecting to have a good massage, but it turned into a life changing experience for me.  I was aware of the most of things that you have said about me, but your great healing touch to my life via both your hands and words, showed me ways how to change many things. Thank you very much!!!!  I am very very glad to met with you."



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