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I belive that everything we live has a reason. This is exactly what I’m thinking now for my experience with Jaspal and I’m so thankful to God for letting me know him…. I had no expectation when I was going to my first appointment with him. I had a terrible back pain and had a really tough couple of years, so it might be good idea to have a relaxing message and treat myself. But the result was way beyond my thoughts, in fact was like a smack in my face. And on the way back home, I was crying and I was telling to myself that I want to change if that’s what he really sees in me…

I was in shock because he read me with his fingers: he read my character, my weaknesses, my feelings, my past, my thoughts, my heart and more strikingly he read “another me” whom I never thought I am.

The way he put everything into the words was so different and powerful that I’m sure it had never been that effective if I heard his words from another person, say even from a very close friend of mine. Maybe that’s why I wanted to accept what he told to me and decided to walk on the way he showed me. Just after our second session, my back pain was almost over, but moreover than that, I had a real trust to myself that I have the power to change my life and be happier and healthier. I had 7 sessions with him when he was in KG & CC in Kemerburgaz, I hope I could have more. But I’m sure we’ll get together again in the future..

Now I’m looking to my life from a different angle, he changed the way I’m living and I’m so thankful to him. God bless you Jaspal.

Bingul Ataman
Istanbul, Turkey


One of my father’s friends recommended Jaspal for me. I was so lucky to meet him. I had auto immune hepatitis problem in my liver and also I had hand sweating problem. At my first appointment he looked my feet and told everything about me both physical and mental. He told me things about me even I don’t know and made me realize them and know myself better. I had 7 Clinical  Reflexology sessions with Jaspal at Sesame Spa in Kemer Burgaz in Istanbul and felt the difference just after my second session.  He didn’t only focus on my liver, he tried to fix the balance in my body and he successfully did it. I felt energetic and different in a positive way.  Also my sweating problem was almost gone after Jaspal’s magical touch.

I don’t see the difference only on my medical tests; I can also feel the difference in me.

Thanks Jaspal my friend, you are blessed, hope to see you soon…

Istanbul, Turkey


I had my first massage therapy session ( Soft & Gentle Energy Massage ) with Jaspal at Anatara Spa in İstanbul. I strongly recommend it to anyone. It was a true healing process for both my body and my soul. It was very easy to communicate with him and I felt such a confidence in him that I could easily share my thoughts with him. During the session, he carefully listened what I said, analysed them, helped me to clear my mind on most of the issues. He was very right to the point with all his analysis about myself and I benefited from his recommendations afterwards. I was very relaxed and balanced after my sessions with him. Thank you again, Jaspal.

I had my second massage therapy session with Jaspal after an year while he was visiting at Sesame Spa - Kemer Golf & Country Club in May 2011. Since I benefited very much from the first experience I had last year, I made sure I scheduled a session with him while he was visiting Turkey this year. I call it a spring cleaning for both body and soul. I felt like the layer of dust inside me was removed with a magical touch after the therapy. I had a clarity in my thoughts. Even though, I did not have a specific health problem, Jaspal made me understand that some of the uncomfortable feelings I had was directly related to how I have been treating my body. I have embedded his recommendations to my life style and already feeling much better mentally.  He again was a very good listener and he cares how I feel, what I say or even the things that I don’t say. He pinpointed the issues and recommended many ways to handle and cope with them. I strongly reccommend his work to everyone.

Thank you for your help Jaspal and hope to see you again when you are back.

Deniz Ayvaci
Istanbul , Turkey


I was thinking a lot about the experience because it was so deep and impressing for me, but it’s difficult to remember and to describe exactly by words.

"I met Jaspal when I visited a Detox Center in Bodrum, Turkey (The LifeCo). I think his massage (Soft & Gentle Energy Massage) and Clinical Foot Reflexology opened up or broke up the shell of my body-mind-system, releasing blocks, opening ambushes of (mental, emotional, body) toxins and opening channels for letting them out. He really helped me a lot.

Jaspal is working with his hands, his mind and his heart simultaneously and enters very careful inside the sphere of the person he is treating. 

And I think his healing quality has different aspects, one is his compassion / sympathy and love for the person he is treating at this moment, doesn’t matter who or how this person may be, unconditional love and care like of a mother. The other aspect is his deep and profound knowledge, expertise and intuition about the interconnection of body and mind and how to use this interconnection for diagnosis and therapy, I think he is able to connect to a very big "knowledge-base" like a "medium". The touch of his hands is able to express all of this and gives the very deep relaxation of a baby hold by the mother. So could be easy getting addicted - but this seems to me another important quality of Jaspal, he always keeps the necessary distance and gives the responsibility and knowledge for the healing process also to the patient himself: "Help yourself!". He enabled me for helping myself by giving many recommendations about breathing, visualization etc. I think he really is a holistic healer and he totally loves what he is doing!"

Thank you so much once again Jaspal.

You should establish a newsletter for Your "Fan-Club" :-) !! 

Cornelia Kleindienst
Berlin , Germany

Happy Ferhan

I had 2 sessions with JASPAL (Soft & Gentle Energy Massage and Clinical Reflexology) in Bodrum, Turkey at The LifeCo Detox Center. My experience with both sessions was BLISS!!

What a wonderful Positive Energy!

Jaspal was very quiet during the session, (Soft & Gentle Energy Massage) however I immediately felt his HEALING Hands.

After the session Jaspal told me “My Life story…”   All the blocks (emotional / mental + physical)… all the negativity I had been keeping in my body!! My anger, anxiety and

negativity, all came to the surface. And Jaspal amazingly felt them and gave me feedback.

I am blessed to know Jaspal and had that experience with him.

I am so happy to find out that Jaspal has been visiting other countries which means he is healing other people who need.

Thank you Jaspal.

Let’s keep in touch.


The best thing about Jaspal is that he is truly passionate and dedicated to your overall well-being. Getting to really know the person first, not only their physical ailments but also their mental and spiritual aspects, is crucial for the total healing process. And Jaspal does just that. With the knowledge he then tailor makes a combination of his innovative healing techniques to treat those problems. I particularly appreciated how he explained every step and provided many life-style tips to help improve my well-being. Compared with other experiences I've encountered where I was just another body and the therapist just went through the "standard motions" indicated in "the menu," Jaspal's personal and spiritual touch treated me as an unique individual. My only regret was that I was only able to squeeze in one session with him at Hotel Zhiwa Ling, in Paro, Bhutan. But that one short session proved to be most energizing and enlightening. So Thank You Jaspal and keep sharing that magic touch you are blessed with !

Vivian Liu-Ionides

April 14th 2008

Dear Jaspal

I want to Thank You so much for helping me improve my health problems. I can't believe how fast the changes occured, and continue to occur each day.

Before I had my first treatment with you, for 3 years I had pain in my right hip and knee. The pain prevented me from doing the things I enjoyed. I also had weakness and a lack of flexibility to have a normal life. After 6 sessions of treatment with you and listening and applying some simple exercises and other simple health practices, I am ready to hike and climb "Tiger's Nest" in Bhutan.

This is a Miracle for me ! I am so happy !! :-)

I'm out of pain. I've much more strength, flexibility and life force in my hips, legs and whole body. My legs are now balanced, light and alive. I started feeling something after the first session, but never dreamed, I would feel this good so quickly. Also amazing is for 2 years I have had insomnia and your simple suggestions put me to sleep quickly, also my nasal congestion cleared up which I have had all my life.
You have taught me so many wonderful and simple things that are Life Changing. I will use these things the Rest of my Life. Your kindness , skills and wisdom makes you a "True Healer".

I have been to some of the best Spas & Retreats in the world and I can honestly say I have never met anyone like YOU. You treated me like a divine being and you have been a Gift and Blessings in my Life. I hope you will visit Ben & I in Hawaii and be our guest.

God Bless You !

Oh, I wanted to add that I did two sessions of 90 minutes ( one Clinical Foot Reflexology and another Soft & Gentle Enenrgy Massage ) daily for 7 days.

On April 16th 2008 , I climbed "Tiger's Nest" and I couldn't believe how good and light I felt during the climb & coming down the mountain. I needed very little recover time. We took several small breaks as you told us and spent an hour at monastry.
It is the Biggest and Greatest achievement of my Life !

You made my Bhutan trip memorable for ever !! :-)

Thank you so much once again.

Geri C.
Hawaii , U.S.A.

During my treatment session with JASPAL which I had at The LifeCo, Bodrum, I strongly felt Transformation.

"I noticed a window was opened in my subconscious level."

JASPAL is a very Special and Unique Human Being.

GOD has sent him to serve those who need help. He is fully equipped, both emotionally and spiritually.

I believe Jaspal has dedicated himself to help others…… HE İS BLESSED BLESSED PERSON…… My words are not enough to express my true feelings right now.




My dear friend Jaspal,

I’m feeling richer after I’ve met you! I’m so happy that I have a new friend – it seems that you are my friend since ever.

I met Jaspal in Bodrum, Turkey, at LifeCo Detox Center and I had a ‘Soft & Gentle Energy Massage’ session with him and 3 Clinical Reflexology sessions in one week. During my treatment sessions with Jaspal I strongly felt his healing power. After 90 min of ‘Soft & Gentle Energy Massage’, my energy level was balanced (during the session I experienced lots of different feelings….) and Jaspal told me “my story”; and the most valuable thing, he tell me how can I control myself and how to make a choice  about feeling good or

bad, how to control the emotional reactions. He told me a story about sharing love and receiving love from others….. it was not a long story, but incredible one. It was like finding lot of wisdom in just few words.  Thanks Jaspal !

About my Reflexology sessions, I just want to say that it fix my back in just 3 sessions.  And I’ve learned few exercises to make at home, daily, to keep my back healthy. So, thanks again! 

And I must tell you something more about Jaspal:  HE IS ALWAYS SMILLLING, with all his face, his eyes and with his soul ! With his Big heart. You can feel this! Trust me!

Lot of love for you Jaspal and a big big hug!
I’m just waiting to meet you again.


Bucharest, Romania.
"I am so lucky to meet Jaspal. I always say that he has healing, magical hands after I met him. I had a spinal disc herniation problem. After his holistic touch and the sessions we had, time by time I got rid of my pain and learnt a lot from him. He is a great healer. I can easily compare because I had different reflexology therapies earlier before I met Jaspal. And for sure he is incomparable."

Every year I am looking forward seeing him in İstanbul to have the sessions.

I strongly recommend his work to everyone who has a health problem or not. He will even find the hidden problems in your body. 

Sebnem Yilmaz
Istanbul , Turkey



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